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Accidents, illnesses, lawsuits… if you're in business, you're exposed. While the number of risks you're exposed to is almost unlimited, you might only need a few basic coverages to start out.


For example:

General Liability Insurance

  • All small businesses, old and new, need general liability insurance. It is basic liability protection that guards against occurrences like accidents, injuries, property damage, and lawsuits.

Commercial Auto Insurance 

  • If you use vehicles for work, you will need commercial auto insurance to be fully covered. Personal policies do not usually cover work related incidents. You will save up to 5% if you combine this with general liability insurance! What is Commercial General Liability (CGL)? It is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by the business' operations or products. It also covers injury that occurs on the business' premises.


Here are the five types of Business Insurance:


  • General Liability- protects against damages for bodily injury and property damage


  • Commercial Auto - protects the vehicle and it's usage, such as delivery, by your employees


  • Property Protection - provides for damages or physical loss of your property investment


  • Workers' Compensation - covers the medical bills, lost wages, and certain benefits for injured employees as is required by state law for accidents or occupational disease arising out of or in conjunction with the workers' employment


  • Builder's Risk- insures against damage to buildings under construction, including materials needed for construction

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